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Always Safe | Customer – Focused Integration | Unparalleled Reliability

The Thayer Infrastructure Services (TIS) Group is a regional enterprise that specializes in the provision of installation and maintenance services to customers in the electric utility and telecommunications industries. We take pride in providing a broad range of integrated services to investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, telecommunications companies, internet service providers, and communications tower owners.


Our Operating Entities are Common Ground Alliance certified and enjoy great reputations with their customers. Each is supported by a common belief in our guiding principles, which allows us to leverage their capabilities in ways that make us a unique provider of quality services to our customers, no matter what their needs. 

Stategic Partnerships

Thayer Infrastructure Services consistently seeks to acquire businesses that complement our existing service lines. Acquisitions help to expand our geographic footprint, diversify customer relationships, and grow our team of talented employees.


Joining the TIS Group family of companies brings many benefits, among these are being part of an experienced management team, access to capital, a platform for accelerating growth, and an opportunity to generate a lucrative exit plan.

We understand the importance of discretion. Our Mergers & Acquisitions team treats every submission with the utmost confidentiality. Please complete the below form if you are interested in learning more.

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